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Barefoot Bowls - FREE

Barefoot Bowling is enjoyable and accessible. There is no better place to have a Barefoot Bowling social or corporate function than at Charlestown Bowling Club.

We may fully cater your event to make it something special. Why not combine barefoot bowls with a BBQ Buffet or try our finger food platters? It is lawn bowls gone casual and a fantastic social event.

The dress code is generally relaxed or why not theme it up? Our friendly team at Charlestown Bowling Club will also teach you how to bowl as part of your overall bowling experience. A few basic rules:

  • Bookings are essential; Call the club on (02) 4943 3766.
  • Flat shoes must be worn at all times, or you can choose to go barefoot.
  • No smoking, eating or drinking on the green at any time under any circumstances.

Some tips for beginners:
  • The larger black ball is called a bowl. The small white ball is the jack. They are supplied by Charlestown Bowling Club.
  • The aim of the game is to have your bowl as close to the jack as possible while knocking your opponents' bowls out of the way.
  • Bowls are weighted so that they don’t roll in a straight line instead, in a curved motion.
  • Each bowl has a small and large icon on each side. Always keep the small icon on the inside of your delivery.
  • You will play on a Synthetic green (artificial short grass) which is divided into rinks. There is a ditch on the outside of the green to catch badly delivered bowls.
  • You bowl from alternate ends, usually standing on a mat, which is supplied by the Club.

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